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Floor planning and products to be used on each floor hold utmost importance for ease of various processes in hospitals.

The correct trolley in the correct room, the number of beds that can, or more importantly that should, be placed in a room or the correct placement of curtain partitions is a crucial part of increasing efficiency of a hospital.

Here, at Aslams, one of our most appreciated services has been free consultation. We offer free advice on the kind of products that should be placed in a particular room, floor planning for beds, curtain partition placements and a lot more.

Mr. Aslam himself consults with doctors to give the best personalised advice and has received a lot of appreciation from reputed doctors and hospitals.

We believe that no order is big or small, so if you plan to open a small clinic or a big hospital, be worry-free as you will receive the same high quality consultation and advice.

Check out some of our most popular products:

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