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Quality Assurance:

The company was built on the motto “Cost is long forgotten but quality will be remembered forever” and we still stand true to it.

Raw Material:

The raw material comes from reputed companies as Tata, Bhushan and Salem and strictly adheres to medical/food grade.

All the stainless steel material is 304 grade and 316 grade when needed.


All products are designed and simulated by a dedicated design team. Sheets and pipes are cut on a highly precise Laser Cutting Machine.Processes like bending, grinding, drilling and welding of steel sheets and pipes are done on state-of-the-art computerised machines for the best quality deliverable.



Mild steel products are all powder coated and we follow the seven tank dip process. The powders and chemicals used for this process are from reputed international brands. Powder coating impact tests are carried on periodically.

All Stainless steel material bears a airline satin smooth finish.


1. High quality, durable wheels from the leading brands in India.

2. Industry proven affordable motors with a one year guarantee.

3. Ergonomically designed sturdy rails and handles.

4. 40 density highly durable polyurethane mattresses suited for comfort and support.

5. All the other plastic accessories used are strictly medical grade/food grade.

6. Material testing is carried out from time to time.

7. Abrasives and other consumables also adhere to the highest industry standards.

8. Periodic quality checks are carried out right from procurement of the raw material through the process to the finish.

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